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The land of the Pure: A Spiritual Profile

 ‘Woolen’, the very literal interpretation of our culture’s essence: Sufi!

 Deriving: he who walks the harsh path, sometimes of their own choice and other times induced by someone who once had to face similar circumstances.

 Geographically, from the edge of the mountain tops in one corner, spreading out into fields of green in the middle which turn into deserts as you move toward the other corner, ending in sandy beaches; the urban districts have housed individuals of great imminence, moving the very flow of time with their poetic words and saintly charms: bringing light to be shared among the peoples without a cost of worldly measure.

 Songs have been crafted out of that rich treasure left behind by these simpletons who would have the most authoritative of kings bent into submission of divinity in their mannerism.
 Songs that have shaped the minds of ages, folk, classic, pop and in every genre. Music, dance and theater, the performing arts and fine arts too are influenced by codes of moral discipline along with spiritual practices, written down in some places and in other places orally passed on through centuries.

 To truly grasp the spirit of how valuable all of this to the nation is, one must experience the festivals held in the name of these Saints following the lunar calendar, across the country’s spread. It seems pagan to the eye, yet a study of philosophy preached by these masters opens up a vision into why it is so, as to why the commoners will show their devotions in the way they do at these holy burial sites.

 Their true miracle is their message.
 The message of
the universe within one’s soul communicated in a multitude of language and dialect; vibrating through the masses a sense of etiquette, an idea of reform; the very core of which is a global viewpoint resonating with the enlightened morality of all those who ever walked the earth in the light of inner sight.

 To provoke one’s soul is a task that requires a character larger than life and the largest impact to have been recorded in history by one man is that of the final Messenger of Arab descent (peace upon him and salutations).
 Tracing down the roots of the origins of all sects, schools of thought and spiritual systems at display fully blooming here, one will find all the tracks leading to a connection of sorts, claiming a relation either of kin or otherwise, of soul, in bondage of servitude to his Grandly Majestic Persona...

This is Pakistan.
It is who we are and we are mostly if not all: Slaves of the Greatest Slave of Divine Will.
A window opening inward to the soul...



(Image above is the artwork of Saudi Arabian visual artist Ahmed Mater whose work is awe inspiring with its depth in simplicity of expression)

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